Monday, May 28, 2007

in no particular order


pencil/felt marker

One of the many geese I saw while walking around Beaumaris Lake.



felt marker

some random sketches from YC this past weekend. I also did some face paint on a couple of the kid's faces, that was fun. "A new medium", as Mel put it.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

a visit from the tooth fairy

digital (painted in photoshop)

larger image

This is my visual interpretation of a creature from Magik Beans, a story one of my friends is writing online. He came up with a pretty strange description of a tooth fairy, so I thought it would be fun to try to draw one. The tooth fairy is in this chapter, if you want to read it (I would highly recommend!). Here's an excerpt:

Eostre looked down at the thing on her shoulder, and turned into the light. Lara gasped. The creature reminded her of an armadillo, with the series of ivory colored plates all along it's round body, but it was nearly spherical, aside from a bloody bony fin jutting from the top of it's back.

"Pachik?" Eostre said gently. And at her voice, just like an armadillo, it stretched out it's body. Lara could see better that what she had thought were bony plates were teeth. Dark eyes looked at her from underneath a ridge of incisors. It opened a ridiculously large mouth, which was filled sharklike, row upon row, with human teeth. Lara gaped.

"A tooth fairy," Eostre explained. "Pachik came to collect my tooth when I broke it off, and I asked him to do me a favor instead of leaving me money. I got him to rip through my restraints. Pachik," Eostre said turning her head toward the tooth fairy again, "I need you to do my another favor, for which I will repay you. I need you to take money to the place this girl sends you, in the amount she writes down for you."

Pachik snorted and leaped down from Eostre's shoulder onto the coffee bar. It skittered across the counter, it's little claws clicking on the hard suface. Lara jumped as it got close to her.

ink, drawn with a comb

larger image

Here's another one. This one just had to come out. This is the crazy one.

These are some initial quickie sketches, to jot some ideas down.


Pencil sketch for the tooth fairy.
larger image