Sunday, February 15, 2009


so, for some reason I had a LOT of creative energy this weekend. = massive post! It was fun! and I still have one more day! hooray for long weekends!

anyways.... i am pretty proud of this little thingy I did. Apparently there is no ImageReady in Photoshop anymore, so I had to look under help to find the Animation panel. And then I played around. *grin*

a little animation I did.

oh, and on another note - my portfolio is officially in to Emily Carr University!! partly why updates have been lacking, I've been really busy lately trying to get that done. But then my updates are sporadic anyway, so.... *shrugs shoulders*

anyways I'm pretty excited about this and also kinda nervous at the same time. You know how you're not 100% sure about something, but your gut tells you to go for it anyway? Kinda like that. And one of my good friends gave me some encouragement - nobody is 100% sure of anything. Which is true. All I know is I am passionate about art, and my goal is to get into the illustration field, but if something else pops up that catches my eye, I will keep my mind open to new opportunities. Going for the dream. And if I screw up, eh, I tried at least. I don't want to be one of those older people who says, "I wish I did this... I wish I tried that...." and be bitter. Or regretful.

hmmm... I'm rambling a bit. Guess I need to get my thoughts out.

saturday morning


There was beautiful hoarfrost everywhere on saturday morning, so I went and took some photos. It was kinda cold, but so worth it! I'm pretty pleased with how some of them turned out. And yes, I live in the boonies (hence the barbed wire fences, and barren construction-in-progress landscape).



above photos were taken directly behind my backyard. It's a big huge dirtpile with grasses growing on top. It looked pretty wicked with all the hoarfrost.


these are just random tufts of weeds/grasses on the side of the road. I put the camera down at ground level (without looking thru viewfinder - didn't feel like lying in the snow) and took some shots. They kinda look like strange trees to me. I like how they turned out, anyway!








saturday afternoon

decided to try painting the sky pictures I took a few weeks ago.

acrylic on illustration board
larger image

acrylic on illustration board
larger image


painting 01 process

painting 02 process


I was bored on friday night. Got some semi-bad news at work on friday, and needed to get rid of some energy. Found a photo of an old dude and thought it would be fun to draw. meh.

photoshop and my tablet


felt marker