Saturday, November 21, 2009

sculpture adventures

Here are some process pics from my adventures in sculpture class. I have found this class extremely challenging so far. I am definitely out of my comfort zone! My brain is having a hard time coming up with ideas in 3D. But we're learning some fun things. We had a plaster demo a couple weeks ago that involved the instructor pouring plaster into our cupped hands. So now I have a weird looking plaster cast of my hand sitting on my table. I think I would like to try plaster some more, it looks like it could be lots of fun.

Last class we learned how to do a vacuum-form. Really cool stuff. Well I think it's cool. The vacuum-form machine has a metal plate that you put your object on (whatever you want to do a vacuum-form of), and there's a heater on the top of the machine. Inbetween the metal plate and heater there is a slot that you clamp a sheet of special plastic into. Basically the heater heats up the plastic sheet, and when the plastic is hot enough and flexible you pull the plastic sheet down on top of your object. Then you pull up a lever to release the air pressure (?) and it sucks all the air out. And you're left with a plastic shell/container of your object.

For part of my current project I have a hand form/container. So I started by making a clay model of a hand. This was my first time working with clay since junior high, so it's not stellar or anything, but that's okay.

modeling clay

Then once I had the model of the hand, I put it in the vacuum-form machine which created this:



ta da! I was scared of using the machine at first, but it wasn't so bad. It was kinda fun.



one more pic from drawing class. We did portrait studies in the last class.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

final drawing project

This is one drawing from our final Drawing class project. The assignment was to pick an artist and try to copy the style (in technique and in the overall look of the drawing). So I crazily picked Shaun Tan, and was kicking myself halfway through. Grand total roughly ten hours drawing. Building up the tone took the longest.

Shaun Tan is one of my favorite illustrators. The particular picture I chose to draw from is from his book The Arrival. Gorgeous tonal pencil drawings. I would highly recommend checking it out if you have a chance.


The radiator in my living room was the reference for the radiator in the drawing. It looks pretty much the same (minus the weird pipes snaking up the wall).



Process pics. I've been trying to take photos throughout the drawing process on all my assignments. Process is emphasized a lot at Emily Carr.

life drawings

Here is a sampling of what I have been up to the past couple months. These drawings are from my Drawing class that I finished up at the end of October. We had a model almost every class, that was really nice.

These first three are some of the gesture drawings we did. We started off every model session with some gesture drawing. I like starting a session that way, it's like a warm up.

conte or charcoal

This is a still life I set up at home, cuz I missed that class. A few odds and ends from around the house.


More model drawings. This one we were supposed to break the body up into shapes.



Light and shadow studies.



This one is supposed to be a skeletal structure study. This is the one I think I had the most frustrations with. Not a good drawing day.


Contour study. This was a blind drawing. We weren't allowed to look at our paper while drawing the model. The object was to try to follow the outline of the body as closely as possible, all the nooks and crannies. It's kinda fun. I was surprised at how well it turned out.

felt marker