Sunday, September 28, 2008




some pics from my walk today... they are cell phone pics, so the quality is crappy. But I enjoyed the fall colors very much!


these are some lame attempts at pencil crayon/colored pencil drawings. *reminds self to look up tutorials online*

colored pencils
larger image

colored pencils
large image

Sunday, September 07, 2008

ink blobs + compressed air = fun!

Did some more "ink splat" drawings tonight. Oh how I love air in a can! -grin-

These are made by putting a good-sized blob of ink on a piece of paper, and then spraying it with a compressed air can (supposed to be used for cleaning keyboards, etc. this is much more fun) Sometimes I even got a coating of frost on the paper, cuz the can gets cold and shoots out white icy frosty stuff. Weird. After the ink is sprayed around, and I like the shape, I add to it with felt marker and make a pretty picture. Well, I hope they're pretty. To me they are. *shrugs shoulders*

ink and felt marker
bigger bird

not sure what this is, or where it came from. I started off drawing a bird, then a bat, then back to a bird with it's head being blown off. Like I said, not sure where that came from.

ink and felt marker
bigger image

This is random lines/circles, stemming off from a hand-like shape in the centre. I like this one, will probably color it.

ink and felt marker, composition in Photoshop
bigger jellys

This one looked like a jellyfish to me. So here are some jellyfish. I knew those Vancouver Aquarium pics would come in handy someday. :) This one will definitely be colored and prettyed up.