Monday, April 25, 2011

Finished skateboard! Unfortunately didn't sell at the Third Gallery exhibit, but it sounds like there will be an online store where people can buy the unsold boards over the summer.

acrylic paint on skateboard

Final project for Illustration Essentials.

linocut and digital

Thought I'd post my last few projects from school, now that the mad rush is done.
"Dogspeak" is my final project for Book Media. It's a set of flash cards for dog "language." It's meant as a humorous book, and not to be taken too seriously. I had fun creating the book and illustrations. Played around with bitmapping the drawings, I think it worked out well. All of the cards are screen-printed.

It was interesting researching what each dog gesture "meant", because the meaning isn't fixed and changes depending on context. Although I guess that is true of words in english as well...

I made a faux-fur covered box to contain the cards. Faux-fur is a tricky material to work with. I also felt like I owned a pet after working with it, because the stuff sheds like crazy. I was covered in fake fur bits and had to sweep up my work area afterwards.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

sneaky peeky

a peek at what I am currently working on.... a skateboard! Illustration club at school is doing a skate deck show (opening this friday if you are in vancouver) at Third Gallery. All of the boards will be available for purchase (wink wink nudge nudge). I think the board is getting there... still needs work tho. The design is from a silkscreen project from last semester.

acrylics on skateboard

and just because... spring is here!


Food label illustration for Iconography. I chose the brand "Kick Ass", which is an actual name for a dark roast coffee. :)
goache & watercolor

In process prints for Illustration Essentials class. Took me a few test prints to get what I wanted. I was using the finest cutting tool and the lines weren't showing up very well. So I re-carved some lines, and also used the #2 cutting tool, and that seemed to work better.
linocut print

Prep drawing and lino block. Tired of seeing my face yet? -grin- I sure am. Don't know how Rembrandt did a bazillion self-portraits.