Monday, September 21, 2009

survived first week of classes!

hello all! Just finished my first week of classes. Still feels a little weird, but getting slowly settled in... doing homework definitely makes me feel like a student. And I remember how unfun reading a textbook is. At least it's semi-interesting reading (art history). The chapter I read the other day was focussed on China, and the bronze age. It was describing how the leaders of China would be buried with the rest of their family and friends, even if the family and friends were still alive when the leader died. The family & friends would be ritually killed so they could accompany the leader into the afterlife. Creeepy..... later on they used clay sculptures and models of the family instead of the actual people.

anyway... happier things.

felt marker

We had workshops as part of our orientation at school. In the "english" workshop we got to make zines, or chapbooks. Basically little books made of scraps of paper. I ended up doing a combo of collage and writing in my zine. I didn't take a picture of it, so I can't show you the actual zine. I wish I had taken a pic tho. It was really fun, i enjoyed it. Would like to make more if I have free time.

felt marker

Allison and I went to Jerico beach a few weekends ago. Lazed around on the beach and read. And ate ice cream.


pencil & felt marker

procrastinating already.

felt marker

This is from my Creative Process homework assignment. We are supposed to pick a word and continuously write or draw or mark-make for 10 minutes. It's fun, I liked doing this assignment. Get to learn how your brain works and comes up with ideas. Really random, as it turns out. We were assigned to do 12 words in total, in different categories. This category was "signifigant object".

Sunday, September 06, 2009

a few sketches from bc


mmm... watermelon. I got a deal on watermelon from the farmer's market on granville island. It was really ripe and the guy needed to sell it, so i got it for $1.

watercolor pencils

went for a bike ride to the seawall. So pretty. I think the seawall is one of my favorite spots in Vancouver, especially if it has a beach. :)

felt marker

"I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious."- Einstein

felt marker

sketching from the balcony. View of the hospital, which is down the street. I don't know if this particular building is the hospital, there's a lot of buildings that we can see out the back.