Thursday, November 15, 2012

art sale time!

It's that time of year again... student art sale time! I am putting in a plethora of art pieces this year. If you are in the Vancouver area, please stop by and check it out. The sale is from Friday Nov. 23 to Sunday Nov. 25 at Emily Carr University (Granville Island campus). Emily Carr has a facebook page up with all the info.

Here are a few greeting cards I did up for the sale. I will also have some silkscreen prints and etchings for sale (see below for samples of prints). 


I have a design for an iPhone case up on Threadless! If you like it, please vote! thanks! :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012


"It's kind of this imaginary relationship I have with her, and like many relationships between two people, there's a push and a pull. Sometimes I'm aggressively trying to seek her out. Chase her. Draw and erase, draw and erase. Repeat... Trying desperately to recreate that face/expression/mood I imagined. For her to appear and be present. But failed attempts. She doesn't come. She just ignores me. Goes away. Runs away. Then there are times when I don't draw. When I don't think about her. Then she tiptoes back. And whispers and teases for me to give her attention. Other times she comes with ease. Comfortably just there. I like that it's always different. Sometimes frustrating. Desperate. And sometimes totally chill and relaxed. "

- Audrey Kawasaki

This quote is from an interview with Audrey Kawasaki in the current issue of Hi-Fructose. She is speaking about her artwork, which features the same character in her paintings. But I also think it relates to an artist's relationship with drawing or creating in general. I was thinking about drawing when I read that. Sometimes it is very very frustrating (well a lot of the time for me). I have to work very hard to make anything look decent. But there are also times when a drawing seems to flow. It's the ups and downs that keep it interesting, I guess.
Sketches from life drawing session this week. I'm finding when I draw with the marker I slow down and pay more attention to the marks I make. It's good.


watercolor graphite

soluble marker + water

soluble marker + water

Thursday, November 01, 2012

select sketches from life drawing session tonight. Played around with water soluble marker.

pencil crayon

marker + water

marker + water