Sunday, November 11, 2012


"It's kind of this imaginary relationship I have with her, and like many relationships between two people, there's a push and a pull. Sometimes I'm aggressively trying to seek her out. Chase her. Draw and erase, draw and erase. Repeat... Trying desperately to recreate that face/expression/mood I imagined. For her to appear and be present. But failed attempts. She doesn't come. She just ignores me. Goes away. Runs away. Then there are times when I don't draw. When I don't think about her. Then she tiptoes back. And whispers and teases for me to give her attention. Other times she comes with ease. Comfortably just there. I like that it's always different. Sometimes frustrating. Desperate. And sometimes totally chill and relaxed. "

- Audrey Kawasaki

This quote is from an interview with Audrey Kawasaki in the current issue of Hi-Fructose. She is speaking about her artwork, which features the same character in her paintings. But I also think it relates to an artist's relationship with drawing or creating in general. I was thinking about drawing when I read that. Sometimes it is very very frustrating (well a lot of the time for me). I have to work very hard to make anything look decent. But there are also times when a drawing seems to flow. It's the ups and downs that keep it interesting, I guess.

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