Sunday, October 28, 2012

Some process work for current poster project. Five colour silkscreen print, plus there will be a relief layer with the text and a little logo. Still playing with the colours. I mixed a darker purple. Being very pernickety, but having a lot of fun with this. Went to school tonight to print, got all set up, went into the screen wash out area, discovered sinks full of water and pump overflowing. Awesome. So needless to say, got very little screen printing done. But I did proof my polymer plate and it surprisingly worked out. Pretty happy about that. 

Ah the joys of sharing a studio.  

silkscreen print
Five colours so far. This is a proof, so some of the colours I adjusted.

silkscreen print
This one I kinda like as is, even tho there is no background.

silkscreen print
First two layers of edition (red and yellow).

Friday, October 19, 2012

Sketches from life drawing last night. Thanks to Seth for lending me the water-colour graphite to try out. I think I found a new toy. Picked some up for myself at Opus today.

Some process work for my open studio class. What is it for? Stay tuned.


hmmm... after looking at this again, that umbrella needs to be re-worked. Looks weird.



Tuesday, October 02, 2012

First project from poster class! Movie poster for "Harold and Maude." Apparently Harold and Maude is some popular cult classic from the '70s. *shrugs shoulders*  I liked it, it was funny and quirky and awkward. 

silkscreen print (5 colour)

This is the first three layers. The fourth layer is a transparent light blue, which overtop of the blue, green and red creates the other colours.