Monday, December 29, 2008

merry christmas & happy new year!

some sketches done around christmas time...

sketched this while waiting for some friends at a coffee shop.

quick sketch of my guinea pig Oreo, while lounging about at my parent's place.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


felt marker

hello, I know I haven't updated for a looong time - thanks for the nudge, little sister.
here is a little of what I have been up to lately. An assortment of things.

pencil, and then lines added in photoshop because i am lazy.

This is a stained glass design I did for Holyrood Mennonite Church. A bit of collaboration on the bird design with my mom. She is the stained glass master who will be doing the actual stained glass part. I am looking forward to seeing the final piece!

coloring done in photoshop, artwork/drawings are images from shutterstock and go media
larger image

this is a collage i put together with stock images, and then painted it in photoshop. Worked on it off and on at work (hee hee) when we had some downtime.

and some sketching....
graphite/felt marker

felt marker
larger image

I recently upgraded my design software (hello CS4!) and in the process had to put in more memory for my old friend G4. I found out what RAM looks like, and how to install it, and that it has little notches that need to line up with the slots in your computer, otherwise it doesn't fit. A little learning experience for me, and involved two trips to Westworld, which greatly improved my opinion of their customer service. The first trip I was asked about 5 times if I needed help, and when I went back to exchange the RAM, it was no problem. (I've avoided Westworld for many years because I was completely ignored by the customer service staff the first time I went there) Anyways, there's the little semi-interesting story that goes with that sketch.