Saturday, June 23, 2012


Below is a selection of images I am taking with me on a school trip to New York. Should be an adventure!

Greeting card - Digital

Alphabet - Ink

Image based on the Japanese mythological creature Tengu. Linocut and water-colour.

Silkscreen print.

"Dogspeak" book. Silkscreen.


Storyboard. Digital.

Hand-drawn alphabet project for Decorative illustration class. Had fun with this one. Some of the letters were really challenging to come up with! How many ways can I contort a bird...





Series of illustrations for a greeting card project. I chose to go with a seasonal theme that also included some nymph-like characters.





Spot illustrations from Decorative Illustration class. Based on selected chapters from Neil Gaiman's book Sabriel from the Abhorsen series (highly recommended read if you haven't read it). :)

ink and digital

ink and digital

endpaper pattern
detail of endpaper

This is a foray into cut paper from my Decorative Illustration class last semester. Hadn't tried it before, but wanted to give it a go. Definitely an exercise in patience. I think I would like to try this again, but more in the style of the turtles.


Took a textiles and pattern class last semester, which was more challenging than I was expecting. Printing on paper is so much easier than fabric! I hit quite a few snags with a lot of my projects, but this is one piece I was happy with. Screen-printed ogee pattern.

We also learned how to dye fabric with indigo, which was my favourite part of the class. We went to Maiwa for the dyeing workshop (lots of fun!). We learned how to make an indigo vat, and also got to see some pretty amazing pieces of shibori (Japanese tying technique). 

These are a couple of my shibori experiments.

At Maiwa. The bucket is the indigo vat, and the little bundles next to it is the fabric all tied up and ready to dye. It was an interesting (and slightly smelly) experience, a lot of getting the vat ready was waiting for the indigo and other ingredients to mingle and get the chemical reaction going. Another neat thing was watching the fabric turn from green to blue when you take it out of the vat (the indigo reacts with the oxygen in the air, and turns blue). 

Different shades of blue are determined by how many times you dip the fabric (more dips = darker blue).

concept art

Here are a few projects I worked on for concept art class last semester. 

Environment/scene concept for a group project working on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Model sheet for the main character in Ray Bradbury's short story "The Long Rain". 

Head sculpt for the Lieutenant from "The Long Rain". This was my first time working with super sculpey, it was fun! This is a shot before he goes into the oven to be baked.