Monday, April 16, 2007

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Went to The Canopy on sunday morning, to check it out. The worship band did the song "Banner Over Me is Love" to the tune of "Kiss Me", I forget who the artist is for that song (Sixpence None the Richer?). It sounded pretty cool, although you wouldn't think so at first. I love the theme of this song, to me it says that everyone is welcome to "the table". God welcomes everyone, regardless of where they come from in their life.

His Banner Over Me
Kevin Prosch

He brought me to His banqueting table,
And His banner over me is love

I am my beloved's and He is mine,
And His banner over me is love
Yes, His banner over me is love

We can feel the love of God in this place
We believe Your goodness, we receive Your grace
We delight ourselves at Your table, oh God
You do all things well, just look at our lives

His banner over me
His banner over you
His banner over us
Is love


Lauren said...

Nice representation!

How did you like the Canopy?

blankpage80 said...

i enjoyed the Canopy, it's more "churchy" than the Gathering tho. But they had paintings on the walls, and during worship there were different objects available for people to use (like flags, and fabric) so some people danced at the front. I'm not really used to the whole dancing thing, so that was a little weird for me. But overall i enjoyed it, and the people were friendly and talked to me.

Lauren said...

Thanks for the description!