Friday, August 01, 2008

too much windex?

digital collage / mixed media
larger image

the layers beneath the picture

This is a response to an event that happened one quiet Sunday afternoon.... I was lazing around reading a magazine, when all of a sudden there was a loud *BANG* at the back doors that open to the backyard. A poor bird had flown into the glass doors and knocked itself out. At first I kind of panicked and was wondering what one is supposed to do with a dead bird. I was looking at it, then it blinked and I realized it was still alive. I started to pick it up, and it sort of flipped itself over onto its feet, but just stood there. So I picked it up again, and carried it over to the fence where the trees are, and it flew up into the trees. I'm assuming there's lots of bird nests back there.

The sketches incorporated into the collage:
ballpoint pen
larger image

ballpoint pen / felt marker
larger image

photos used in the collage:

Photos from stock.xchng and Shutterstock.


taxitalk said...

are you going to print this image or is it just for the web, a little poster action would not hurt downtown, if you have access to the print stuff id do it and charge the corporate pigs hahahah
Il have a web site working soon

Anonymous said...

cool stuff sis, I remember a similar story in For better or for worse. It was a hummingbird. It didn't have the windex factor though. :P
The first thing I saw was that the composition is left side heavy. I don't know if you did that one purpose, but it kinda bugs me. And you are giving away the secret of drawing hands! ... using reference (shhh)

Anonymous said...

and by left side heavy I of course mean right side... ahem.. heavy

Lauren said...

Great composition (and story) bp!

blankpage80 said...

anon - haha you mean your other left? *grin*
yeah it is right side heavy.... it was actually MORE right side heavy before cuz I didn't have the leaves drawing in the background. I should probably work on that.... it wasn't on purpose anyways. thanx for the crit.