Sunday, June 21, 2009

back from the dead

oi, has it been a month?

drawing from a reference photo I took of tree roots in Whitemud Ravine. Took the photos about a year ago.... and drawing them now.....

pencil crayon

drawing from The Hour. one of the best interview shows ever. george strombo is awesome.

paper, felt marker, pencil
playing with paper...

watercolor pencils
drawing at the lake by my house. Which now has a mother duck and seven ducklings. They're so cute!



felt marker
more drawing from The Hour. Interview shows are good to draw from, the people usually sit pretty still, and the camera stays on them for a decent amount of time.

I am working on another t-shirt design, will post happenings here later.


Allison said...

Aha, your hand/fingers drawing looks creepy. Did you sew them back on when you were finished?
I agree about the talk show drawing. Good times.
'Bout time you posted ;)

blankpage80 said...

yeah, sewing my fingers back on was a bit tricky.... they're kinda crooked now....

i know, about time. hey, i been busy, OK? ;)