Sunday, July 04, 2010

the ol' sketchblog

Time to start up the ol' sketchblog again. Here are a few sketches from the past couple months.

This garden sketch was done in the Nitobe Memorial garden at the UBC campus. Very peaceful japanese garden, and cheap to get in too. I think it was four bucks or something, free if you're a UBC student.


These goose sketches were done at the Convention Centre downtown. I was walking around the outdoor walkway and this canada goose was hanging out there and didn't move around too much, so I decided to draw it.



Sketch of various objects on a table while visiting at a friend's house in the suburban sprawl known as Chilliwack. That's a BB gun btw.


Statue outside Vancouver aquarium.



Alicia said...

Erin! Your new stuff is looking really great. I like that your not giving yourself too much of a break over the summer. I work with this girl that is going to University of Waterloo and shes from Chilliwack. I was just talking to her about you and Allison. All good things :)

blankpage80 said...

hi Alicia! thanks for the comments. Yeah, I don't want my drawing muscles to atrophy over the summer. :) Does the girl you work with know a Shaelah or Nicola? They're sisters, I met them through Allison.

How is your work going? Are you doing any more painting?