Sunday, October 17, 2010

the bee's knees

First official silkscreen project. I think it turned out alright. I got a little frustrated during the process, I had to expose my screen more times than I intended, the emulsion peeled off one time, I messed up the registration... had lots of hiccups along the way. But I learned some things not to do next time.

I have quite a few of these prints, so if anyone wants one, let me know. As long as you don't mind it being a little mis-registered.

screen print

screen print


Alicia said...

I love these! i can really appreciate printmaking stuff because that was my absolute worst subject in school. way too finicky for me :)

blankpage80 said...

thanks Alicia! printmaking is one of my favorite subjects! sounds weird, but i kind of like the finicky aspect of it.