Saturday, March 12, 2011


Latest projects from Iconography. Assignment was to illustrate an aspect of a culture. I chose Japanese mythology, researched some creatures and decided to illustrate the Tengu. From the research I did, the tengu's purpose or behavior seems to have changed over the years. I focused on an older Buddhist belief that the tengu was thought to cause war and conflict. They were also thought to be able to possess people.

I played around with linocut for this one, and then painted the background separately with watercolor. I blended the background and figures digitally, because the watercolor paint didn't go so well on the rice paper I was printing on. Ended up with a mess. Hooray for computers! (sometimes). :)

linocut, watercolor, digital

linocut, watercolor, digital collage

Linocut print on rice paper. This print is what I scanned in to use with the final image. I wasn't sure how the overlapping colors would print, but they printed with nice transparency.

Lino blocks. Discovered this nice rubbery stuff. Nice for cutting, its inbetween the safety-cut blocks (little too soft for my liking) and the regular grey lino.

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