Friday, December 07, 2012

poster series

Final project for poster class. The assignment was to do a series of posters around a theme/topic of your choice. Mine started off being about gender stereotypes, and then shifted to looking at fluidity of gender, that it is on a spectrum, and not binary. So I was looking at taking well known phrases or words usually associated with a particular gender and flipping them around. On the printing side of things, I had a lot of fun playing around with different materials and papers (japanese paper! squee!) These are a few of the posters I printed, I also did some on fabric, but haven't taken photos of them yet. All of the posters are screen-printed on various kinds of paper.

These ones were fun to do. I did a split-fountain technique (put two colours of ink on your screen at once) and pushed the ink around with the squeegee. This series was interesting to do because the blue and pink start off quite separate, and towards the end it becomes purple (which is kind of the point I am trying to make).

These posters are double-sided (silver on one side, gold on the other). 

This paper is really really cool and delicate, I love it! Unfortunately it's kinda expensive, so there are only two of these posters.

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