Sunday, March 10, 2013

beginning at the end.

Starting the long process of etching my plates. Feels good tho. This is the first proof from the tail plate (my final prints will be collaged together, which I am excited about, haven't done that before).

Etching (aquatint)

And because I like taking process pics.....

Blocking out the areas I don't want bitten by the acid bath.

Blocking out areas in stages....   Took a lot of breaks b/c the hard ground fumes were getting to me.

Plate! I love how the etched plate looks. I also like having an actual physical object I can hold in my hands. Feels much more concrete than a drawing (well I guess that's kind of obvious...).


Alicia said...

Erin, I love seeing your process pictures! I always forget to take pictures until I'm completely finished whatever I'm working on. Also, your print looks really great! It makes me curious to see the rest of the creature that belongs to that tail!

Erin Taniguchi said...

thanks Alicia! yeah i'm a bit of a process nut. :) i worked on the plate that has the head on it today. hopefully it prints well! *fingers crossed* :)