Friday, September 23, 2016

Psychology of Color

Each colour evokes a certain meaning or emotion. It is important to pick the right colours for your brand, depending on what you want your brand to communicate.

Green - fresh, environmentally-friendly, positivity. Green is a calming colour.

Blue - dependability, loyalty, peaceful. Also associated with calmness.

Purple - creativity, royalty, spirituality. Purple is associated with luxury and royalty.

Yellow - energetic, positivity, warmth, joyful, sunny. Yellow is associated with happiness.

Orange - energy, friendly, positive, playful. Orange represents high energy.

Red - love, passion, strength, powerful, dynamic. Red is also known to stimulate appetite.

Pink - feminine, soft, delicate, compassion

Gray - sleek, neutral, modern, calm, conservative

Black - power, elegance, authority, bold, sophisticated, classic

White - peace, purity

Brown - nature, woodiness, neutral


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