Friday, October 14, 2016

Design fundamentals

A fellow student (or instructor?) once commented to me that design is a bunch of CRAP: Cropping, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity. I heard that many years ago, and it still sticks because it is quite clever. Here are some of the things designers need to be aware of.

Cropping is how your image is framed (what part of the photo you can see).

Repetition is elements being copied numerous times.

Alignment is how the different elements in your design line up with each other.

Proximity is the sense of distance between objects.

There are many other things a designer has to consider.

Balance - symmetrical or a-symmetrical
Symmetry - elements on both sides are arranged similarly

A-Symmetrical - elements on each side are different but still visually balanced

Hierarchy - the arrangement of elements in order of importance. For example, different weights applied to show hierarchy. 

Scale/Proportion - elements of differing sizes in relationship with each other

Similarity and Contrast - Contrast with a clear foreground and background shows a focal point.


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