Friday, November 04, 2016

thank you!

Thanks to everyone that came out to my show this past month. Lots of people came to the opening, and I sold five pieces, so that was exciting. I think all in all it went pretty well, and was a good experience. Now I know how much work goes into preparing for a show.

Here is a brief post about the logo design process, similar to the illustration process I posted about earlier.

Logo Design Process

1. Brief - First step is to collect the information you need from the client. I do this with a questionnaire that I send to my clients. Things like what their business is, target audience, colours they want used, any ideas they may have. You can also get them to do a mood board, which is a collection of images, typefaces, and colours they like. This helps you get an idea of what is in their head.

2. Next step is thumbnails. From the information you have gathered, you create fast, small sketches to explore ideas.

3. After thumbnails you select your best ideas and create larger sketches known as roughs. In this stage it is best to work in black and white first, and add colour later. A well-designed logo works in black and white.

4. Feedback - You send the roughs to the client and they pick the one they like best, or give you changes to make.

5. Final - Once a sketch is approved, you create the final logo design. I usually send a variety of files to the client: high-res files for print, low-res files for web, and a vector file which can be sized to any size.

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