Friday, December 02, 2016

Helpful Books Part II

I've been busy this week working on some magazine illustrations for Broken Pencil. I can't share them yet, but they turned out pretty well. Here is another post on helpful books for art and creativity.

Breakthrough! Overcome Creative Block and Spark Your Imagination
This book is a collection of thoughts from many different professionals on ideas to overcome creative block. It includes writing from graphic designers, artists, illustrators, writers, creative directors, musicians, and photographers. Every artist experiences creative block, and this book is a fun read through a diverse array of solutions.

Show Your Work!
by Austin Kleon
This book is a fun look at the art of promotion. Austin gives simple, do-able ideas on how to get your work out there for the world to see. He talks about showing your process, sharing one thing everyday, and the importance of sticking it out and being persistent in your career. He also discusses how to take criticism, a very useful skill when one is an artist.

It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want to Be
by Paul Arden
The first part of this book discusses mindset, ambition and success.The second part focusses on the process of graphic design, coming up with ideas, dealing with clients. Paul simplifies ideas and makes the solutions clear and concise. He gives direct advice and makes it understandable.

Work / Life
This is a book by Uppercase, the design magazine headed by Janine Vangool. Work Life features 100 illustrators from around the world, showing their work and their process. Each artist has a short write up, accompanied by their visual solution to a custom assignment given to them.  

by Mike Perry
Pulled is a collection of silkscreen artists and their work. It includes groups such as Seripop, and individual artists. A great book to have for inspiration.

The Printmaking Bible
by Ann D'arcy and Hebe Vernon-Morris
This is a hefty book, and delves into the different types of printmaking. It is very educational and goes through the processes for each printmaking method. Included are intaglio, relief, lithography, screen printing, and monotype. The book features step by step instructions for each method, as well as different artists and their work. It also goes into the history of each method.                                                                                                                                                       

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