Friday, February 24, 2017

Capability Club logo

This is a logo I completed recently for Capability Club, an after-school program for kids with disabilities. I worked in the tagline visually, which is "Nutrition + Skills + Community = Growth". I also used hand drawn lettering for the company name. The tree and leaves in the center symbolize growth.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Broken Pencil illustrations

In December I worked on two illustrations for Broken Pencil magazine, a zine and independant arts magazine. They were for two short stories, one titled "Girl" and the other "Dissections".

This one is for "Girl", a short story about a girl getting lost in the forest, and starts to hallucinate.

This one is for "Dissections", about a high school biology class, and a mishap that happens.

These are the roughs for the two illustrations.

Friday, February 10, 2017


This is my submission to the first issue of Future Fossil Flora, a UK-based magazine. Each issue they feature a different flower. The first issue is the poppy. I illustrated a prickly poppy. They want the images to be a modern interpretation of botanical illustrations, so I kept it simple with a cream background.

Friday, February 03, 2017


Getting back into silkscreen these past couple weeks. I bought a silkscreen kit from Opus and have been trying it out at home. This is my first print. It works pretty good, I found the screen let through a lot of ink, not what I'm used to. Also my first time using Mask Ease, which is like a big sticker that you stick to your screen to physically block the ink and make the stencil.

This print is available on t-shirts from Threadless! 

Here are some process pics.

My sketch that I worked from, figuring out the layers on tissue paper first.

The first layer, stencil ready and ready to print. The yellow stuff is the Mask Ease, which you cut out your stencil from.

Print with two layers down. Homemade drying system.

Last layer, the black layer. This was a little tricky to cut out from the Mask Ease, because of the thin lines. But it worked out OK.

Completed print, hanging to dry.