Tuesday, August 04, 2009

may you be

digital collage
Images are from Shutterstock and StockXchg

Collage I did a few weeks ago about how I feel about going back to school. The unknown is both scary and very very exciting. Hope and doubt collide very easily.

Words are by Seven Devil Fix. I apologize if I got them wrong, there's no lyrics sheet on that CD. But nonetheless, one of my fav songs from that album.

A few notes about the images:
wing symbolizes the angel spoken about in the song
tree - growth
compass - direction
rosary - faith
maze background - direction

I don't always explain directly what things mean cuz I think in effective art it should be self explanatory. But sometimes people are curious and ask me.

Click on the images for free wallpaper.

digital collage

oh and on a side note - I took down my Taniguchi Design website, so if you are looking at archived pages and images are missing, that's why.

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