Wednesday, September 14, 2011

sketchy sketchy

Some recent sketches. The first few are from the latest Dr. Sketchy, which had a Charlie Chaplin theme. It was awesome.

All the Dr. Sketchy sketches are done with felt marker and pencil.

School started up again, and of course that means.... homework! These are a couple sketches for my digital illustration class. We're working on icons. The theme I chose was The Avengers. You can probably tell who they are. :) Well, maybe not Ant-Man - I had to do a little research on him. I think his character is kinda funny/lame. His superpowers include shrinking himself down to the size of an ant (that IS pretty cool) and he can also talk to ants (come on..... really?) But I think Ant-Man can also make objects BIGGER, so if you can create giant ants, and then tell them what to do - I guess that is pretty cool. I guess.

pencil sketch of Ant-Man

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