Monday, August 29, 2011


Yet another attempt at daily drawing. Drawing daily and practicing everyday is something I know is very very important if one wants to be a pro illustrator, yet it's something I find so hard to do for some reason. I like to make excuses. So I am making a project for myself. I also want to get back into journaling, so, killing two birds with one stone, my plan is this:

1. Write down what I do during the day - thoughts, lists, etc.
2. Pick one thing that I have written about/listed.
3. Draw/illustrate it.

I am trying to develop some creative discipline here. This may be tricky once schools gets into high gear, but I'll give it a go. I find when you draw/paint/create more (for me, this is during the school year), your brain and hands talk to each other easier.

I'll try to post these daily exercises every week (probably towards the end of the week).

Ready, set, go!

Saturday. Went and saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Enjoyed it, I thought it was good. I liked the fact that they didn't put subtitles on for all of the ape sign language parts. Could sort of understand what they were signing.

Me needs some more practice with the pastels. :) And I also need to draw on bigger paper (this is in my sketchbook). I like how using pastels feels similar to painting (in the sense that you're putting down a shape as opposed to a line) but it has less set-up and is fast.

chalk pastels


collage (cut out magazines and a popsicle stick)

This is a really quick tiny sketch I did before the pastel drawing of Cesear. I actually drew this without my glasses on, so everything was really blurry and the values pop out better (little trick I learned from an instructor). I just like how the sketch looks.

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