Friday, August 26, 2011


Yeah! Goache resist conquered!
Followed the steps on the tutorial I mentioned last time, and it worked! I love the look of this technique, you get a print-y look in waaay less time. :)

sketch (marker)

Part way through painting with the goache. I tinted the white goache with a little bit of raw sienna watercolor paint, so I could see what I was painting. Very helpful tip from the tutorial.

Finished goache. I learned that you shouldn't paint with goache in the sunlight and when it's really hot in your apartment. The paint dries ten times faster than it normally does (which is already really fast). Actually if your apartment is really hot you should probably go outside, I'm just silly and stayed inside. Meh, felt like doing artsy stuff.

Covered whole board with india ink. This is the scariest part of the whole process.

This is the awesome-ist part of the whole process. The reveal! Rinsed off ink with water and also some gentle scrubbing with an old paintbrush. I also learned that the Arches brand watercolor illustration board holds up better during this part than the Canson (with the Canson board the paper started to rub off a bit when I soaked it with water).

When I have access to a scanner and Photoshop, I think I would like to play with some digital color. :) Or I guess I could try watercolors.... hmmm....


DuckShae said...

that looks sweet - u shud hang it on your wall

blankpage80 said...

thanx shae. definitely a fun technique.