Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Did some indigo dying over the past week. Using the Japanese process of tying, shibori, I dyed three silk scarves of varying sizes.

1. First the fabric is prepared for dying by washing it with Syranthropol. I think this removes chemicals from manufacturing.

2. The fabric is tied really tight in different ways to produce different patterns. This is the Japanese process called shibori (like tie dye).

 3. Preparation of the indigo vat. First you mix a stock solution of indigo (jar on right). Then you pour that slowly into hot water to make the dye. This is an indigo kit I bought from the Maiwa store on Granville Island. 

4. The fabric is dipped into the dye several times to make varying shades of blue. If you want a darker, deeper shade of blue you dip the fabric several times in the dye, maybe 10 dips or so.

Ta da! The reveal.

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Grandma Snyder said...

Those will make amazing gifts great job