Sunday, June 01, 2008

sketching walks


This was sketched on a walk thru Whitemud Ravine last weekend. Really pretty down there in the springtime. Found a good quiet spot in the trees and sat and sketched for a while. Discovered I need to bring a portable stool or something to sit on if I'm doing outdoor sketching. Cuz sometimes I saw something that I would like to sketch, but there was nowhere to sit (I sat on a log for this drawing). I took photos too, but drawing from life is better.


This was sketched on another walk, also through Whitemud Ravine.

graphite, brush pen, pencil crayon & blender pen

a rose that my roomate received.



Anonymous said...

I agree, drawing from life is way better. Unless life happens to a 70 year old man.
Being outdoorsy sounds like fun though, I should try that sometime. Have you ever gone for coffee with your sketchbook and drawn a bunch of faces? and then get kicked out? Thats what happened to me, without the coffee of course. :D
Do you do daily sketches?
- allison, the one singing to music that no one else can hear

blankpage80 said...

haha you got kicked out??? that's not cool. yes i have gone for coffee and drawn people (with the coffee) :)
not lately tho... so far i have not gotten kicked out.. but i think i have exclusively drawn in Starbucks that are in Chapters. realized that just now... did they kick you out for drawing??

no i don't do daily sketches, although i would like to. I've been doing weekly sketching tho, which is a step up for me. weekends have become my drawing time.

blankpage80 said...

oh, i forgot to say nice portfolio splash page (no pun intended - ha)

Anonymous said...

Well it wasn't just me it was my art class. It was supposed to be our afterschool life drawing time, but there was no model so we went to the Timmy's by the school and I drew people while I drank my tea. :P Apparently they are strict about loitering and after 20min they kicked us out. Mom said she and dad were told to leave once too, same place, so it's not just high school students.
Weekly is not bad. I am trying to do more, more than my bi-monthly. :/
- allison

blankpage80 said...

yeah Timmy's is pretty strict about that kind of stuff. although it's kind of weird if you purchased drinks.... silly.

brings back college memories for me. there was a group of us that would occassionally go to restaurants and draw. or we would play "the drawing game" which someone made up. someone says a random word and everybody has to draw it.