Tuesday, June 24, 2008

how are you?

this is why i don't robotically answer "good" or "fine" to the daily asked "how are you?" or "how's it going?"
nailed it on the head. I make an effort to say how I really am doing, which most of the time, is not that great. "I'm doing OK" is a pretty standard answer. And, lots of the time, people don't like to hear anything other than "good" because "good" is easy to deal with. "how are you?" "good." "how about yourself?" "good." conversation done. continue with your day. Responding to anything other than "good" requires listening. Or not necessarily, maybe just an understanding nod, that yeah, life is not always a bowl of cherries. (no offense deb, just popped into my head, i liked the cherries) :D

anyway, enough ranting, here is mr. George Carlin, whom I just discovered today because he was mentioned on the radio, reporting his death.

WARNING: George is VERY un-PC, much swearing and sometimes touchy topics. Although not so much in this video. Just ignore the bad joke at the very end.

have a nice day

and, on that cheery note, I'm off on holidays to BC for a couple weeks! I should have new sketches from the trip up when I get back.


taxitalk said...

george is dead, I was talking to one of my teacher right as i was reading your post about his death. Crazy, so im a student at a multimedia school and you illustrations are amazing. WoW! I go to guru digital media so It was nice to fall upon your blog,

Lauren said...

MMmmm, cherries...enjoy the coast!!