Friday, July 04, 2008

dark knight posters


more "The Dark Knight" posters

two more weeks!!! not that I'm counting down or anything.

holiday sketches from the west coast coming soon.

i'm enjoying the artsyness of these posters. I also enjoy this one:



taxitalk said...

hey there dark night sweet stuff, A the guru,I'ml a conceptual type love to think of the big idea and the help in the production. Meaning my design abilities are limited, but thats to Guru I'm learning to make things that are kinda ugly look and portray the big picture. My print mid term was on thursday I came up with a perfect concept and made it look perfect, then came in design and band I had a great brochure, onb friday I had a wed design final, Same concept but I did not get the concept through as powerfully as i wanted but so it goes, I'm trying to build a network of people in the biz so that, well it needs to be done I hope to see more of your illustrations peace,
oh and what do you do in print?

taxitalk said...

oh and judging by my comment I can't spell either.