Sunday, July 13, 2008

Vancouver sketches

felt marker
larger image

larger image

felt marker
larger image

these were all sketched along the seawall by downtown Vancouver. We (my sisters and I) were sitting around people watching and drawing, enjoying the warm weather. good times.


taxitalk said...

It was a pleasure checking out the sketches, Van aaaaa. The sea wall, my brother goes to Emily carr and for a project he carved out images in the sea wall polls. He is amazing. If your ever on grand vill island check out the polls along the sea wall.
You can pay the pills, I'm still working out my strategy for that one, the graphic design world is a tight and who knows they might not want me in, just from my class mates I see that the conservative is in, I'm way out there, and there is only 3 students, you'd think that meant more time learning but no, I still suck at web design, for now haha peace

Anonymous said...

its not as fun commenting when I've seen them all already. :(
Plus its getting to be crunch time here so I don't have much time to surf the web. ;)