Wednesday, November 03, 2010

coming soon to a mailbox near you

hello! I finally feel slightly relaxed, I'm getting a bit of a breather this week from the slog of homework. whew! Relishing the slow pace and gearing up for the next flurry of projects in a couple weeks. What a life... at least it's fun stress.

These are trading cards that I made for silkscreen class. The subject matter was wide open so we could do whatever we wanted, which was nice. We got to trade cards with everyone in class, so I now have a handful of mini original prints! so exciting! I printed a whole whack of mine, and plan to send them out to family and a few friends, so you may be getting a set in the mail, whether you want one or not. haha. And providing I have your correct address....



Oh, and our class's trading cards are being submitted to the Richmond Art Gallery for an upcoming exhibit, so if you are in the Richmond or Vancouver area anytime soon, check it out! The exhibit opens at the end of November, and runs till January. Check the link for exact dates.


ladybug said...

Very cool! I'll have to show this to Naomi...she has learned the alphabet in sign language, and goes around "spelling" everything with her new found talent. She is very excited about anything that has to do with sign language.

blankpage80 said...

nice! Is she learning it for school, or just on her own? I'll send you guys a set of cards then for sure. :)