Sunday, November 21, 2010


Latest silkscreen project. We were to design a poster that "said something"; topic was our choice. My poster was "anti-hummer"; I tried to approach it from an environmental point of view, however during crit someone mentioned that a lot of older cars on the road probably do more damage than a Hummer. Which was a good point. I guess this poster was more of an emotional response to seeing a Hummer drive by one morning when I was walking to school. And I tried some new things, like an ink splatter stencil, which I was very happy with how it printed. I also cut out the text by hand from rubylith, and am happy with how that turned out too.

I took some process pics again. This first one is with Yellow, Magenta and Cyan printed. Part of this project was to print a CMYK photo. CMYK is printer-speak for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black. I found this project interesting because I've been exposed to CMYK process in the digital world of pre-press from my previous work experience, but this time I was doing it all manually, so that was kinda neat.


Y, M, C and two spot colors. "Spot" colors are solid pre-mixed colors (not colors made by the overlapping of CMYK). I don't know if that made sense?


Black layer added! This layer was scary and exciting to print.


Finished print (well, except for trimming off the edges). All those X's you see around the image are registration marks. They help to line up the layers properly during printing.

silkscreen print on stonehenge paper

This was a 7 layer print, most layers we have done so far.

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