Sunday, November 21, 2010

the insanity is over... temporarily....

This past week was a crazy blur, I had a paper and two projects due, and crazily did silkscreen for both projects. How to Stress Oneself Out: 101. BUT - both my projects turned out pretty well. I'm really really happy with my illustration. I'm seriously thinking about working silkscreen into my illustration career when it comes to that time.

Our illustration project was to illustrate a magazine article or story that we had written. I don't consider myself a writer, so I picked an article from "Elle" magazine. The article was about Facebook and how it creates more jealously within romantic relationships, because you can snoop your significant other's facebook page and easily blow things out of proportion.

silkscreen print on stonehenge paper

I was also playing with different colors of paper. I would like to try printing on other surfaces too, like old books, or other printed material. Menus? Signs? The possibilities are endless. Gary Taxali is an illustrator that my illustration teacher pointed out to me, and he works with a silkscreen method in his work. He prints on old books, and other stuff in his illustrations. Very cool!

silkscreen print on stonehenge paper

oh, if anyone is curious, this is a 3 layer print. Light blue, a peach-ish color, and cyan.

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